Victims family, attorney Graham Esdale ask Toyota to expand recall

Attorney Graham Esdale was in Washington, DC, with three adult children of the firm’s deceased client, Barbara Schwarz, who was killed in an auto crash when the 2005 Toyota Camry in which she was a passenger sped out of control as a result of sudden unintended acceleration. Esdale and Ms. Schwarz’s daughters are attending Congressional hearings into Toyota and the NHTSA’s knowledge about this problem. In this video, Ms. Schwarz’s daughters Margie Louise Meibergen, Sharon L. Brandt and Julie Brandt Mayfield speak with MSNBC about their mother’s death. They hope to bring more attention to the fact that Toyota has yet to recall the 2002-2006 Toyota Camrys, which studies have shown may be more susceptible to sudden unintended acceleration.


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